Ruta Norte

Ruta Norte: Identidad Fronteriza seeks to be a high-impact sensory experience through the combination of documentary film, virtual reality, ambisonic sound, and the scenic design of a mobile installation composed of a work of lights, temperature, sounds and textures.

In this installation, the viewer enters a controlled space. There is soil on the floor, he sits on a bench, puts on the virtual reality glasses.

Now his surroundings change. He sits on the edge of the border. In front of him, a migrant approaches and sits to the side. "My dream was to cross that border.", he said "But things didn't turn out the way I thought they would, I've been here for a year now and I'm getting used to the idea that Juárez is my home''
The viewer is transported to 3 different scenarios, where they are greeted by migrants telling their stories. The environment of these interviews changes to photorealistic spaces that create a real sense of presence for the viewer.

Each of these documentary interviews seeks to provide a new perspective on the evolution of the socio-cultural composition of our border, which allows us to see from a more empathetic point of view the pros and cons of this change.